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Goat milk powder is the core business of Hyproca Dairy Products B.V. The goat milk powder is provided under the brand CBM. Hyproca Dairy Products B.V. is the global market leader in the development, marketing and production of products based on goat milk for the business-to-business market. Mulia Wahana Mandiri has been in Goat Milk Business from 2012 and appointed as exclusive distributor at 2014.

CBM is Natural 100% pure not containing harmful hormone, antibiotic and radiation it has so many certification such as COKZ, HACCP, Halal Control Europe, KLBDD, SKAL bio controle and BRC.

Mulia Wahana Mandiri will make sure local stock always available, we even can provide ISO 22000, MUI and BPOM MD legal letter for smaller packaging.

Goat milk mainly used in health food and beverage industry, CBM Goat Milk is Dutch Saanen’s Goat Milk Powder. Saanen goat milk has amazing benefit for long life, ageless secret, health and beauty. It also has the best taste and aroma in the world. Dutch goat milk is famous for its superior quality, colour and taste.

Goat milk powder is uncommon in Indonesia for food and beverage industry, little know that in Europe, goat milk has more superior in taste for food and beverage products compare to cow milk, and it has a great taste synergy with chocolate.

Some European chocolate manufacturer has switch to goat milk for better health image and greater taste. Goat milk also has a good reputation as health and healthier choice is life style.

Our experience prove that usage as low as 20% of cow milk result creamier and richer end product taste. Sample and join research is available contact us for new luxury experience.

Our Client
1. Goat Cheese Factories
2. Ice Cream Companies
3. Chocolate Companies
4. Milk Beverages Companies
5. Skin Care Companies
6. Health Food Companies
7. Various Food Companies (Bread, Cake, Snacks)

CBM Products
1. Full Cream Goat Milk Powder
2. Skimmed Goat Milk Powder
3. Whey Protein Concentrate Powder Pure 60%
4. Goat Milk Lactose
5. Goat Butter & Goat Cream
6. Sheep Full Cream, Skimmed Milk, WPC Powder
7. Customized Milk Products

Organic Cow milk verla

Organic milk refers to a number of milk products from livestock raised according to organic farming methods. In most jurisdictions, use of the term “organic” or equivalents like “bio” or “Eco”, on any product is regulated by food authorities.

Despite of economic troubles of past few years organic milk sales have surged. Consumer view organic milk not as luxury but as healthful lifestyle. It is a perfect time to enter this business now, you know we already have organic chicken meat and vegetables, here you go Organic Milk for your Industry new line of business.

Verla represent authentic products which are produced from 100% Dutch organic milk. The pure and soft taste of these products raises awareness. By using Verla products, your end products will keep its natural character. The end products that are made with Verla are assure of a high quality organic product.

The organic whole milk powder of Verla has a pure and soft taste. It contains all the natural elements that are present in the fresh milk. Organic whole milk powder is manufactured by spray drying fresh organic milk. In this process all the valuable fat, protein, and lactose contents are preserved from the fresh milk, here with it is keeping its soft and pure taste.
This product is made under strict quality regulations securing a high end product. Our clients use organic whole milk powder for a wide range of products and applications.

Skimmed milk powder has a lower fat level than whole milk powder, but the pure and soft taste remain. Organic skimmed milk powder is manufactured by spray-drying the skimmed milk. This product is made under strict quality regulations securing a high end product. Our clients use organic skimmed milk powder for a wide range of products and aplications.
Recently organic cream has been added to our assortment. This product is made by separating fresh milk into cream and skimmed milk. The organic cream is then pasteurized and packaged. Organic cream is often used in the ice cream industry. It is also very suitable for the standardization of cheese milk and many more applications. Organic cream is made for the industrial market and is packed per 15 kg (bag in box).

The organic butter of verla has a pure and soft taste. The organic butter is produced by churning the fresh, pasteurized cream. This product is made in our factory which has over a 100 years of experience in producing and developing butter. This guarantees high quality and craftsmanship on an industrial scale. Organic butter can be used in a wide range of products and applications.

industrial milk powder distributor

Euromix Industrial Milk Powder

Euromix is a fine blended milk powder. Targeted to achieve best milk properties with affordable prices.

With raw material originally from Netherlands, the dairy center of the world, Euromix is promised to give surprising experience and superiority to your products. With very competitive market situation nowadays, food companies continuously challenge to survive.
Unfortunately product price is one of key factor to win the competition, Euromix overcome this price situation to win competition without sacrificing product quality. With significant price difference you can hardly tell the difference in quality. Euromix is very fine tune to fit perfectly food & beverages industry need, to have best quality affordable milk.

Let our expert assist you swicting from high price milk powder to affordable Euromix. Do it now, or left behind competition. Costum product specification is available upon request.
Fullcream, Skim & whey are available.

Euromix RBS (Refined Butter Subtitute)

Euromix RBS heat resistance refine butter subtitute a fine blend of milk and vegetable fat gives a strong butter taste and aroma. This RBS is heat resistance, cooking/baking will elevate
its aroma and taste.

Hammerweg cocoa powder pasta bar

Netherland High Quality Cocoa with unique european strong dark cocoa taste.

1.  Hammerweg Cocoa Powder
2. Hammerweg Cocoa Pasta
3. Hammerweg Cocoa Bar


Geiten Melk is goat milk powder from Holland that specially Formulated to fit beauty, skin and hair care industry. Geiten Melk has amazing European lifestyle, luxurious & soft milk aroma.

Goat milk popularity is being trending up in the market as a natural product and has many health and beauty benefits. More and more companies gaining substansial market share, entering goat milk product series. Goat milk is a natural product that has multiple benefits such as natural moisturizer, righten the skin, remove dead skin with a natural soft, tighten skin and remove wrinkles.

Skimmed goat’s milk (for oily skin) & full cream (for normal and dry skin) are available for your convenience.

CBM Verla organik cow milk

When it comes to milk, we are simply the best